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Venous insufficiency


Beautiful and light legs are every woman's dream. Unfortunately, sometimes on the way to beauty and lightness there is venous insufficiency, a disease that is clinically diverse, but at its core lies the malfunctioning of the venous vessels.


Depending on the degree advancement of venous insufficiency, patients report to the doctor because of various symptoms.


At the initial stage, venous insufficiency is manifested mainly by the appearance of the so-called spider veins or telangiectasias, which are perceived by patients mainly as a cosmetic problem.

The next stage is the formation of smaller and larger varicose veins. At this stage, venous insufficiency is often accompanied by unpleasant ailments, such as a feeling of heaviness in the lower limbs, swelling, or even pain.

With time, disfiguring skin changes join, often circular, covering the entire circumference of the calf. This stage directly precedes the last stage of venous insufficiency, which is associated with the formation of troublesome leg ulcers that are difficult to treat with traditional methods and often accompany the patient for many years of life.


If you are interested in diagnostics and modern treatment of problems related to venous diseases, I cordially invite you for a consultation.

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