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I am a graduate of the Medical Department of the Medical Academy in Wroclaw, from which I graduated with honors in 2002. From the first years of my studies, I was fascinated by surgical specialties. Finally, I decided that General Surgery is the path I would like to follow. This has become my passion over time and undoubtedly consumes most of my time (to the despair of my wife and daughters). I carried my specialization in General Surgery at the General Surgery Department of the Hospital in Głogów, and my guide and teacher of difficult surgical “ins and outs” was a prominent surgeon – Khalil El Mohtar, MD, PhD.


Since 2011, I have had the pleasure of working and perfecting my surgical training at the Department of General, Endocrinological, Metabolic and Vascular Surgery of the Regional Specialist Hospital, Research and Development Center in Wroclaw, where I began my specialization in vascular surgery, developing my earlier laparoscopic interests.


In 2015, after completing the training period, I obtained the title of vascular surgery specialist.

Currently, my professional activity is focused on the activities of the teamBaria3,which was created for the needs of comprehensive treatment of obese patients at the EuroMediCare Hospital in Wrocław. The surgical part of the team, in addition to the treatment of obesity, also deals with the treatment of other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and abdominal cavity. Over the years, we have had the pleasure of treating patients not only from Lower Silesia and other regions of Poland, but also from virtually all European countries.

Privately, I am a husband of Ewa and a father of Jagoda, Dobrochna and Mikolaj and if I had not become a surgeon for some reason, I would undoubtedly be a musician, a sailor or a pilot... Ahh, I would forget, on a yacht I would always have some decent carving skis.


Professional interests

Bariatric and metabolic surgery

2011 - 2018

Provincial Specialist Hospital
Research and Development Center in Wrocław

Senior assistant at the Department of General, Endocrine, Metabolic and Vascular Surgery

Robotic surgery

Vascular surgery

2004- 2011

District Hospital in Głogów

Junior assistant at the Department of General Surgery

2002 - 2003

Lower Silesian Oncology Center in Wrocław

Doctor intern

1995 - 2002

Wroclaw Medical University\

medical department

Doctor's diploma obtained with honors

2013 - still

EuroMediCare Specialist Hospital with Outpatient Clinic in Wrocław

Senior assistant at the Department of General and Endoscopic Surgery

Here you can see the important certificates and diplomas I have obtained

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