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Qualification for bariatric surgery

Each patient is assessed individually, however general eligibility guidelines for bariatric surgery are as follows:


3rd degree obesity, is an indication for surgical treatment even when the patient has no other comorbidities and  complications;


-2nd degree obesityis an indication for surgical treatment when obesity is accompanied by at least one of the most common complications of obesity, such as type 2 diabetes, hypertension, hypertriglyceridemia, sleep apnea or fatty liver;


-I degree obesity, is an indication for surgical treatment if type 2 diabetes coexists with it. This is a special indication, as based on long-term studies i obserwacji, it has been confirmed that glycemic levels are normalized after bariatric surgery in a short time after surgery and this is not only the effect of reducing the patient's body weight, but is related to hormonal changes that are the result of bariatric surgery;



The type of bariatric surgery is always a joint decision of the patient and the doctor and depends on a careful analysis of the patient's medical history, dietary preferences as well as comorbidities.

Calculate your BMI and compare with the result in the table below

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