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Venous insufficiency

Beautiful and light legs are every woman's dream. Unfortunately, sometimes venous insufficiency comes on the path to beauty and lightness. This is a clinically diverse disease, however, at its root lies abnormal functioning of venous vessels.


Depending on the severity of venous insufficiency, patients report to the doctor for various symptoms.


In the initial stage, venous insufficiency manifests itself mainly in the appearance of the so-called vascular “spider veins” on lower limbs, or telangiectasia, which patients perceive as a cosmetic problem.

The next stage is the formation of smaller and larger varicose veins. At this stage, venous insufficiency is often accompanied by uncomfortable symptoms such as lower extremities, edema, or even pain.

In the course of time, they are joined by disfiguring skin lesions, often circular, covering the entire circumference of the calf. This stage is directly preceded by the last stage of venous insufficiency, which is associated with the formation of burdensome shin ulcers that are difficult to treat with conventional methods and often accompany the patient over long years of life.


If you are interested in the diagnosis and modern treatment of problems related to venous diseases, I kindly invite you to consult.

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